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Domestic abuse - a welcome step forward

16 July 2019

Today’s introduction in Parliament of a Domestic Abuse Bill for England and Wales is a hugely welcome step forward.

We are delighted that the Bill is making progress and recognise the commitment to pushing these measures through from across the political divide. It is only through this shared determination that this most important of issues does not just make headlines but makes it on to the statute book.

We know that domestic abuse occurs in a wide range of situations, often in ways that run counter to many people’s perceptions. This is why we support the creation of a statutory definition for Domestic Abuse, and that this definition properly outlines the many ways it can occur.

As an employers’ initiative, we hope that it will clarify an employers’ duties towards staff facing domestic abuse. We are also determined that it should make clear that employers should offer paid leave to anyone sorting out a domestic abuse situation.

The Employers' Initiative has been engaged with this process from the start and are proud to have played a part with so many wonderful organisations and supporting the Government in pushing for change. But we also recognise that this is not the end of the journey, and echo the concerns raised by domestic abuse organisations that without proper resourcing, many of the laudable objectives in the new Bill will remain just that.