Domestic Abuse Bill

The Government’s Domestic Abuse Bill has the potential to change the way we respond to domestic abuse and create a more effective national framework for doing so.  We have and will continue to work with the Government, our members, and other organisations to shape and influence UK domestic abuse policy.

Our calls for action

Our response to the Government’s consultation on the Bill called for a new statutory definition of domestic abuse, to ensure that domestic abuse is properly recognised and understood.

We also called for a public awareness campaign, and a government led-initiative to remind employers of their duty of care and encourage zero tolerance policies in the work place, as well as asking the Government to commission up to date research on the economic cost of domestic abuse.

Finally, we called on the Government to create a domestic violence commissioner in law, supported by an advisory board.

what we achieved

We are delighted that the commissioner role has been announced, and that it covers an extensive and wide ranging brief. We will continue to press for assurances that there will be sufficient resource for the commissioner to deliver their remit effectively, and we look forward to supporting the commissioner role in any way we can.

We are also pleased that further research has uncovered a more contemporary picture of the cost of domestic abuse. The Government’s report on economic and social costs of domestic abuse estimates the cost to be approximately £66 billion, with £14 billion of that figure attributed to lost output relating to time taken off work and reduced productivity afterwards.

What next?

We will be happy to facilitate an employer-led group, backed by the government, to better guide and support employers in considering their duty of care and domestic abuse policies, and we will continue to work with the Government over the Bill’s remaining Parliamentary stages to ensure it is as effective as possible.