Our Steering Group

Our Steering Group guides our strategic and operational decisions. It includes representatives of employers within our membership network, as well as individuals with skills that add value.

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Elizabeth Filkin CBE

Chair - Independent Advisory Group,
Marston Group

(Formerly - Chair, Annington Homes; Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, House of Commons)

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Helen Lamprell

General Counsel and External Affairs Director, Vodafone UK

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Dr Janet Reibstein

Psychologist. Prof Emerita, University of Exeter

Member -National Clinical Advisory Board, Relate

Faculty, The Child and Family Practice

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Pamela Zaballa

Global Executive Director,
No More

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Steve Maule

Group Head of Qualifications and Diversity,
Lookers plc

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Sue Akers CBE, QPM

(Formerly - Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Metropolitan Police Service)

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Fraser Duncan ACMA

Co-founder, several start-ups

(Formerly - Managing Director,
Terra Firma Capital Partners)

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Sir Martin Donnelly KCB, CMG

(Formerly - Permanent Secretary,
Department of International Trade)

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Rebecca Lees

Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator,
House of Commons

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Richard McKenna

Inclusion and Diversity Director,
Inclusive Employers

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Patrick Ryan


steering group190709-09.png

Jabbar Sardar

HR Director,
BBC Studios

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Tahani Saridar

Director of Development and Programmes,
Institute for Food, Brain and Behaviour