EIDA is committed to equality, diversity and inclusion in our mission to empower employers to act against abuse. 

There is still progress to be made in countering long held assumptions about who is affected by domestic abuse, and how it affects them. When stereotypes around domestic abuse are perpetuated, we risk ignoring victims, or inadvertently telling them that their experiences don't matter or aren't valid. 

Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, professional background, religious belief, or sexual orientation; domestic abuse can happen to anyone. There is no such thing as a typical victim. There is no such thing as typical abuse. 

By sustaining any of these assumptions, we risk not educating people on patterns of behaviour and symptoms of abuse. Assumptions can cost lives. 

In our interactions with members, stakeholders and partners, in the language we use, and in the way we represent the reality of domestic abuse, the EIDA team is committed to inclusivity, dignity and respect. This is how we can help more people and have the most impact.

Domestic abuse really is everyone’s business

For further support and information, from people with specific expertise and experience, we recommend the following, non-exhaustive list of dedicated organisations: 

Mankind Initiative - support for male victims of domestic abuse

Galop - LGBT+ anti violence charity 

Nour - support for minority muslim communities 

Karma Nirvana - supporting victims of honour based abuse

Stay Safe East - tackling violence and abuse against disabled and deaf people

Southall Black Sisters - to meet the needs of black (Asian and African-Caribean) women

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