Why join?

For your employees

One in four women, and one in six men will experience domestic abuse in their lifetime, often with devastating effects. These are not statistics – they are stories, and they are people. When you look at how this might look like in your own business, and the people you work with every day, the imperative to act becomes clear. We believe that as responsible employers, domestic abuse has to be all of our business.

Working together and learning from best practice among global business leaders, members of the Employers’ Initiative network have developed new approaches to domestic abuse that supports the people affected, helps stop perpetrators and creates a better business environment for all. By helping companies develop good internal policies, and through awareness campaigns, we are tackling the stigma surrounding domestic abuse, and making it easier for employees to seek out the best support available.

For your business

As a member of the Employers Initiative on Domestic Abuse, you will be able to share lessons and resources on best practice with other members, and attend our annual conference and quarterly network meetings.  You’ll also be able to influence policy, contributing to the national domestic abuse agenda through our policy work on the Domestic Abuse Bill.

The cost of domestic abuse to business is estimated at £1.9bn due to decreased productivity, time off work, lost wages and sick pay.  This isn’t our motivation, but there is a clear bottom line argument to be made for tackling domestic abuse through the workplace – it makes economic sense.

For society

Two women are killed by a partner, or ex-partner every week in England and Wales. Police receive 100 calls an hour relating to domestic abuse. This is an epidemic that we can help to stop. The scale of the problem simply demands that every sector, every part of our society rise to this challenge, and we want businesses to play their part.

We know that responsible businesses are at different stages on the journey to create a safe and supportive workplace.  Membership to the Employers’ Initiative will give you the expertise and help you need to support your employees in the right way, at the right time.