• Join us on Tuesday 31 October 2023 from 1pm - 2pm for our third Insight Hour. We will be joined by Surviving Economic Abuse for the latest updates following the launch of their newest report, Seen Yet Sidelined.

    Every 20 minutes an economic abuse victim-survivor reports to the police, yet this form of abuse continues to be sidelined in the criminal justice system’s response to domestic abuse. Surviving Economic Abuse, the only UK charity dedicated to raising awareness of economic abuse and transforming the response to it, will present findings from its new report into how economic abuse is reflected and responded to within successful prosecutions of the Controlling or Coercive Behaviour Offence. This includes efforts to restrict, sabotage and/or exploit victim-survivors’ employment as well as discuss what role employers can play in recognising and effectively responding to this form of abuse.

    Please click the link below to join the webinar:

    Webinar ID: 873 5110 3209