Physical Abuse

This can include hitting, restraining or throwing objects.

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Psychological or Emotional Abuse

Any actions that cause emotional harm or psychological trauma. This can involve name-calling, threatening, manipulation or ‘gas-lighting’.

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Sexual Abuse

Any form of sexual activity that occurs without the full and informed consent of all parties. This can involve rape, sexual assault, manipulation into performing sexual acts or unwanted sexual attention.

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Economic Abuse

This can involve the control of access to money, resources or employment. Find out more here

For more information also reference:

A report by Surviving Economic Abuse on its impact

report by Surviving Economic Abuse and Hogan Lovells on legal remedies for economic abuse

A report by Women’s Aid on womens’ experiences of domestic abuse and the potential implications for Universal Credit

A report on ‘Living a Financially Resilient Life in the UK’ by Insuring Women’s Futures

Controlling or Coercive Abuse

This can involve any actions that makes a person subordinate or dependent. For example, by isolating them, exploiting their resources for personal gain, regulating their behaviour or depriving them of their independence.

It can include activity that degrades or intimidates. This can involve threats of physical or sexual violence and can also be part of honour-based abuse.

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Digital Abuse

Any abuse that involves the use of online channels. This can include the tracking of devices or digital activity, the sharing of intimate images online or abusive texts.

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