Two EIDA Ambassadors who have survived domestic abuse have shared their experiences on the podcast series, ‘Sixteen conversations about gender based violence’ and live on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire. They both highlight the important role of employers in supporting their people impacted by domestic abuse.

Podcast: ‘The Impact Employers Can Have’ 

EIDA Ambassador, Sam Billingham, has spoken on the podcast series ‘Sixteen conversations about gender-based violence’ in the episode ‘The impact employers can have’.  

Sam, who is the founder of SODA, discusses her experience of coercive control and the detrimental impact caused by her employer’s lack of support.  

She said: “Without education and understanding on my boss’s part, he didn’t realise but I was now going to be even more controlled and in that environment with the offender 24/7”.  

Listen to the podcast episode ‘The impact employers can have’ on Spotify 

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire 

BBC Radio Cambridgeshire spoke to Sharon Livermore, a survivor of domestic abuse, about the impact that the actions of an employer can have.  Sharon is the author of the domestic abuse policy template, Sharon’s Policy

Sharon spoke live on the radio, saying: 'You learn to act, you learn to put on this smile, but behind it, you are struggling as a person… but businesses can make such a difference.’

Sharing stories from survivors of domestic abuse in different media such as radio and podcasts can be a powerful way to engage staff and raise awareness of domestic abuse in your organisation.  Please share these stories widely. 


Sharon Livermore in the BBC Radio Cambridgeshire studios