We are delighted to announce the launch of EIDA’s brand new Member Handbook: Workplace Domestic Abuse Response. The Handbook is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide for any employer wanting to help tackle domestic abuse.

We want to thank everyone who has contributed to the Handbook and offered their insights, lived experience, and professional review. Our Ambassadors, Beacon members, Strategic Partners, other member employers, and domestic abuse specialists across the sector have helped make the Handbook what it is.

How to use the Handbook

The Handbook is divided into the following sections which can be easily navigated using the tabs and links in the document.

  • Part 1: Understanding domestic abuse
  • Part 2: An employer's responsibilities
  • Part 3: Workplace domestic abuse response for larger organisations
  • Part 4: Workplace domestic abuse response for smaller organisations
  • Part 5: About EIDA
  • Part 6: Need urgent help?

We have also published some additional guides for our members to use alongside the Handbook:

  • Domestic abuse: A guide for everyone
  • Domestic abuse: A guide for managers
  • A guide for domestic abuse champions
  • Domestic abuse: A language guide for everyone
  • Domestic abuse policy template and guidance: "Sharon's Policy"
  • Making the business case 
  • Making the business case for SME's
  • Workplace Domestic Abuse Response Implementation Plan 2024

Log in here to access the Handbook and accompanying resources.

Who can access the Handbook?

The Handbook is available for free to all EIDA members. If your organisation is not a member yet, sign up here (for free!) and join our network of around 1,500 employers who are already taking action on domestic abuse. Membership will give your organisation access to a whole host of resources in addition to the Handbook, and events to kick-start or develop your journey in tackling domestic abuse in your workplace. Upon signing up, you will receive an email with the login details to the Member Resources page where you can access the Handbook.


“We are delighted to launch the new EIDA Handbook today.  Our Handbook is a step-by-step guide for employers to put in place effective support for employees impacted by domestic abuse.  It is informed by the voices of survivors and shares best practice from our network of over 1,500 employers.  We call on all employers to join EIDA and make use of the Handbook!” – Susan Bright, EIDA CEO

“We highly recommend this fantastic resource to all employers, no matter where they are in their journey of implementing supportive policies in their workplace. For employers at the start of that journey, this handbook provides years of distilled knowledge and expertise, with clarity and practicality - everything that you need to know to navigate this complex topic.” – Google, EIDA Beacon Member

"The EIDA Handbook is a game changing, easy to follow and fully inclusive guide for employers. It is the 'go-to' on tackling domestic abuse at work." - Mark Brooks OBE. Chair, ManKind Initiative

“If only my former employer had access to such a Handbook, I would have been supported rather than sacked. This incredible Handbook is a game-changer, equipping employers with the knowledge and tools to create supportive environments where everyone can thrive.” – Samantha Billingham, EIDA Ambassador