EIDA is delighted to announce that National Grid has become a Beacon Member. Beacons are amongst our most prominent advocates. They are leading culture change among UK employers by influencing and inspiring other employers to make a difference to people's lives by raising awareness of domestic abuse and supporting their employees who are impacted by it.

"At National Grid our "Thriving together health and wellbeing ambition" aims to educate and empower our employees to prioritise their health and wellbeing. We understand that building trust and progressing our domestic abuse strategy is essential to ensure that we support our people. Becoming a Beacon member was the next logical step to demonstrate our commitment to being an informed employer and to provide workplace support to those impacted by domestic abuse. The Beacon programme allows us to collaborate alongside other leading organisations on developing resources and promoting cultural change which can lead to life changing outcomes for those experiencing domestic abuse."

- Cordi O’Hara, President, Electricity Distribution

Our Beacon programme harnesses the achievements of employers who have made a commitment to tackling domestic abuse, by shining a light on EIDA’s mission, which is to ensure that all UK employers take action on domestic abuse.

Click here to read more about what our Beacon programme offers employers, and how you can make your organisation an EIDA Beacon.

National Grid Beacon