Today the Domestic Abuse Act 2021 Statutory Guidance on domestic abuse has been published. The new guidance highlights an employers’ role of care and explicitly calls for employers to join EIDA.

This statutory guidance is issued under the Domestic Abuse Act 2021 which is being rolled out in stages. It is designed to provide clear information on what domestic abuse is and how to identify it, to provide guidance to inform responses to domestic abuse and promote best practice. The guidance explicitly states that employers are a key audience (page 12).

Paragraphs 402 to 412 are dedicated the role of the employer. The guidance here reminds us how pivotal the actions of an employer can be in the life of a survivor of domestic abuse who may only speak to managers and colleagues outside the home.

An employers’ duty of care towards employees experiencing domestic abuse is also highlighted. This includes the recommendation to have a policy or guidance on domestic abuse that might include paid leave or flexible working arrangements.

Finally, the guidance recommends that all employers join EIDA and access Hestia’s Respond to Abuse Advice Line for employers.

We would highly recommend that all of our employer members read this new statutory guidance and share it with colleagues and other organisations in your sector.

Read the guidance here.

A purple line alongside a white page which reads 'Home Office, Domestic Abuse Statutory Guidance July 2022'