TalkSPORT podcast, The Men’s Room, has released an episode on the subject of men experiencing domestic abuse.

A male survivor called David shares his personal story of experiencing domestic abuse on the show. After being brutally assaulted by his partner and left fearing for his life, he said: “I was fearful, I guess, of what assumptions would be made because of me being a man if somebody did call the police.”

The podcast highlights the unique barriers faced by men like David, including the lack of societal awareness that men might be experiencing domestic abuse, a tendency for men to want to protect an abusive partner and shame around disclosing domestic abuse to family, colleagues and friends.

Mark, the CEO of Mankind Initiative who also speaks on the podcast, says that the organisation receives around 15 calls a day to their helpline from men affected. He highlights that employers can make a real difference by being aware of the possibility that male colleagues are experiencing domestic abuse.

We encourage you to share this podcast with colleagues and others in your sector in order to raise awareness.

Listen to the full podcast here (Episode title: Domestic Abuse, Release date: Jun 27 2022).

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