This page provides a list of specialist providers that host domestic abuse and safeguarding trainings. If you would like to add your organisation's training to this list, please email

Alpha Vesta 

Alpha Vesta provide a range of awareness and training sessions which are aimed at ‘embedding culture and building understanding’ around domestic abuse and its impact.

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Bright Sky Training

Thames Valley Partnership offer organisations free Bright Sky training to help everyone feel more confident in using the app and its features. This training can be tailored to the audience and can be particularly important for HR leads, managers and wellness champions. Awareness raising can also be provided to support whole organisations. Traning is free and offered remote via zoom.

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Caron Kipping Divorce and Separation Coach Training

Caron Kipping Divorce & Separation Coach and specialist in domestic abuse, offering 1:1 coaching, peer support and online courses. A survivor of domestic abuse, coach and advocate for change, Caron provides in-person and online training in all aspects of domestic abuse. The training helps employers improve their response to domestic abuse and uses real-life examples to engage and improve awareness. 

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Dawn Velody Associates

Dawn Velody Associates offers bespoke domestic abuse training to a wide range of organisations, from employers to frontline social care professionals. Sessions are available in person and as live online sessions. Dawn leads the small organisation. She is a care leaver, holds an MSc from the LSE in Social Policy and Planning, she works with a team of talented and diverse associates on larger-scale projects, or those that would benefit from specialist input.

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Domestic Abuse Workplace Solutions 

DAWS are a team of professionals with expert knowledge in the domestic abuse sector, especially with those using harmful behaviour. They believe that a workplace culture can both safeguard those experiencing abuse but also encourage and influence those using harmful behaviour to understand why they are doing so and learn strategies to stop. 

DAWS offer policy development to include a response to those using harm, training for HR/management and workshops for colleagues to create a workplace culture which encourages those using harm to stop. 

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Domestic Abuse Education

Domestic Abuse Education was founded by Domestic Abuse Survivor and Campaigner, Sharon Livermore. Sharon uses her lived experience and knowledge to raise awareness of domestic abuse and to educate businesses. She is also an EIDA Ambassador. 

Domestic Abuse Education’s mission is to educate businesses across the UK on what domestic abuse is, the difference they can make to each of their employees who may be experiencing domestic abuse, and ensuring every business has a Domestic Abuse Policy in place.   

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Everyone's Business 

Hestia’s Everyone’s Business programme supports organisations in the development and implementation of a domestic abuse policy, as well as offering a range of other services for employers including training and dedicated IDVAs.

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FREE2BYou provides a wide range of bespoke domestic abuse training, awareness workshops, guest speaking and well-being sessions which are all aimed at building personal resilience and understanding around domestic abuse, barriers to leaving, trauma, hidden harms and their impact.

This training is tailored to the audience and can be delivered in person or online.

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Galop is the UK's LGBT+ anti-violence and abuse charity, supporting LGBT+ victims and survivors of hate crime, domestic abuse, sexual violence, and so-called 'conversion therapy'. 

Galop has advocated for the LGBT+ community for over 40 years. Their trainings are evidence-based, trauma-informed, and reflect the unique experiences of tens of thousands of LGBT+ survivors of abuse. They understand how identities related to faith, race, age, disability, and class intersect with gender identity and orientation, and how by investing in your organisation’s capacity for inclusion, you can improve outcomes for LGBT+ people across the UK.

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Hersana specifically works with black women, and their training courses use a Black feminist intersectional lens to demonstrate the multidimensionality and intricacies of Black femme survivors’ experiences. They provide accredited and tailored training and seminars to a wide range of statutory and non-statutory organisations, as well as workshops to young people, survivors and community groups.

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H.O.P.E Training & Consultancy

H.O.P.E Training & Consultancy (Helping Other People Everyday) offers high quality training & consultancy in domestic abuse, sexual violence/abuse, Honour-based abuse, Anti-Racist Practice, Leadership and safeguarding.

H.O.P.E was established by Meena Kumari in 2008 and has trained a number of professionals in a variety of safeguarding subjects. Meena has a great passion and commitment towards campaigning, raising awareness and working with all professionals and employers to ensure that domestic abuse, sexual violence & safeguarding is always at the forefront.

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Karma Nirvana

Karma Nirvara believes in keeping victims and survivors at the centre of everything they do, this is reflected within their training. They offer a range of sessions from basic awareness to advance learner, which can be delivered by members of their survivor ambassador panel who have lived experience. Their sessions are aimed to build confidence and increase awareness of good practice when working with cases of honour based abuse, forced marriage and FGM. The training can also be tailored for different audiences including bespoke packages delivered online or in person.  

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NEXUS Insight Academy

NEXUS Insight Academy provide education for workforces to understand and recognise domestic abuse and identify characteristics of unhealthy relationships, with their CPD Certified training courses.

They can support employers to fulfil the recommended employer guidance for domestic abuse support in the workplace and to also meet ISO45003 obligations, for managing psychological health in the workplace.

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onEvidence offer specialist independent domestic abuse research services and evidence-based training that covers 'honour' abuse, forced marriage and FMG.

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Refuge offer training for those most likely to come into contact with women who experience gender-based violence. Their course teaches how to appropriately support women to access specialist services.

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Respect offers a range of award-winning training courses to help individuals and organisations to manage and understand behaviours of concern. 

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Reducing the Risk of Domestic Abuse

Reducing the Risk offers a wide range of training on domestic abuse and interpersonal violence for professionals working across all sectors.

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Rise for Change 

Rise for Change is remote, CPD accredited trauma-informed domestic abuse training.  Through various training packages they empower individuals and teams with a greater understanding of Domestic Abuse and the skills to respond safely in daily life and workplace environments.

Training is provided not for profit, with sliding scales for non-profit organisations. EIDA members can receive a discount when booking, please enquire for more details.

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Safelives offers expert training in domestic abuse, including bespoke training for employers and teams.

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Safe Space Consultancy 

Training and awareness on domestic abuse, stalking and harassment in the workplace. 

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Standing Together Against Domestic Abuse

Standing Together offers a range of training on domestic abuse for employers and businesses, including bespoke training for housing professionals, local authorities, health, police and criminal justice professionals.

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Surviving Economic Abuse

SEA offers bespoke training on economic abuse, offering both online and face-to-face courses. Current courses for employers include economic abuse awareness and economic abuse and maternity leave. SEA also provides training on economic abuse for customer-facing teams, including financial services.

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Taye Training

Taye Training combine legislation and best practice with their ‘real life’ experience to deliver outcomes that exceed expectations. All training is tailored to individual needs. Taye Training can be delivered face to face at your venue or as live online training.

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The Divorce Coach 

Breakup, Divorce and Domestic Abuse Champion Accreditation: The training is well suited for mental health first aiders, wellbeing champions, human resource teams and management. They will receive two half day online trainings as well as an online resource portal, webinars and hotline support. The individuals, as well as your business, will receive their accreditation as a Breakup, Divorce & Domestic Abuse Champions.

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The Mankind Initiative

The Mankind Initiative offers training and consultancy services for employers seeking to better recognise, support or understand male victims of domestic abuse. These can be tailored to your organisation's needs.

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Thrive offers non-accredited training courses in domestic abuse using specialist trainers who can utilise their experience and knowledge of the field to engage and motivate your employees. 

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WHAG’s Domestic Abuse Awareness Training Programme has been professionally designed and developed for employees to gain a basic knowledge of domestic abuse, including definitions and legislation, abusive behaviours, signs and patterns, barriers and risks, underrepresented groups, and resources. The programme aims to raise awareness, develop skills to identify abusive relationships, and to highlight the obstacles and risks faced by those experiencing domestic abuse.

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Women's Aid 

Women's Aid offer a wide range of training covering domestic abuse in the workplace. 

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