What inspired you to join EIDA? 

I wanted to work with domestic abuse and sexual violence prevention as an extension of my passion for women’s rights. Importantly, I was also craving a role that was all about impact and communicating these important issues. I worked in research for several years, and it ultimately felt too far removed from the change I want to see achieved in society. While being a small organisation, EIDA has enormous reach, and that potential for impact was a huge draw for me.


What were you doing before you joined EIDA? 

I spent two years as a Security and Defence researcher at RAND Europe. My academic background is in international security and terrorism, and I also hold another part-time role with the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Modern Conflict. However, before I came to London for my MA in 2019, I was a women’s rights activist in Norway, primarily working on sexual violence. I consider it a privilege to be able to have one foot in each of the worlds I am passionate about; gender justice and international security.


What does your role at EIDA involve? 

I am responsible for our communications outputs, which encompasses both our member communications and external engagement, as well as social media and website management. I also jointly organise our events alongside the rest of the team. I try to give EIDA a clear and cohesive voice in everything we do.


What do you enjoy most about working for EIDA? 

I love how much we get done despite being such a small team. My previous roles were in big organisations, and I love our way of working at EIDA which is incredibly efficient and action-oriented. Our team is so collaborative and we have complete trust in one another. Everyone is completely dedicated to the organisation’s mission and we enjoy strong support from a wonderful wider network of partners in the sector.


What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working? 

I usually have lots of things going on! I am a long-distance hiker and climber, and I run an outdoor adventure blog called Let’s Trek It. When I’m not out and about discovering London, I also co-lead a women’s network called Women in International Security (WIIS) UK.


Tell us something about you that few people know.

I am in the top percentage of the population based on extroversion! I love being around other people and have a near limitless social appetite. Maybe it’s not that hard to tell actually…