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This Handbook is a comprehensive, step-by-step guide for any employer wanting to help tackle domestic abuse.

It is divided into the following sections which can be easily navigated using the tabs and links in the document.

  • Part 1: Understanding domestic abuse
  • Part 2: An employer's responsibilities
  • Part 3: Workplace domestic abuse response for larger organisations
  • Part 4: Workplace domestic abuse response for smaller organisations
  • Part 5: About EIDA
  • Part 6: Need urgent help?

We have also published some additional guides for our members to use and available to access and download alongside the Handbook:

Domestic abuse: A guide for everyone

Domestic abuse: A guide for managers

A guide for domestic abuse champions

Domestic abuse: A language guide for everyone

Domestic abuse policy template and guidance: "Sharon's Policy"

Making the business case 

Making the business case for SME's

Workplace Domestic Abuse Response Implementation Plan 2024


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