The guidance, resources and tools offered by EIDA are led and shaped by people who have survived domestic abuse themselves.

This section offers tips, ideas and experiences directly from survivors of domestic abuse, written in their own words. It is designed to help employers reflect on how they might better tackle and respond to domestic abuse among employees in their workplace.

The personal stories of survivors are one of the most powerful tools to raise awareness of domestic abuse among your employees, colleagues, suppliers and customers. Please share these links and stories widely to break the wall of silence that exists around domestic abuse.

The Impact of Post-separation Abuse by Charlotte Budd

EIDA Ambassador, Charlotte Budd, shares her story of surviving with her young daughter in the aftermath of domestic abuse. She offers food for thought for employers based on her own experiences.

You can read her story by clicking here or on the link to the right of the screen.


Six things I wish every employer knew about domestic abuse by Andrew Lane

EIDA Ambassador Andrew Lane offers learnings for employers based on his own personal experience of domestic abuse.

You can read and download these here or by clicking on the link to the right of the screen.